FBIWebsite: https://tips.fbi.gov/Contact: Choose whichever is closest to you/you think is closest to the suspectPros: Probably the most effective way to report, a lot of people in the organisation,
Cons: heavily US based, but can be done anonymously and if you’re not a US Citizen.
Note: You only need to answer things marked with a red square.
IWF/Internet Watch FoundationWebsite: https://www.iwf.org.uk/Phone: +44 (0)1223 20 30 30 (Open 8:30am-4:30pm UK Time only)Pros: Can also be anonymous, slightly more refined than the FBI in terms of categorization.Cons: Some parts are UK basedCybertip/National Center for Missing and Exploited ChildrenWebsite: https://report.cybertip.org/
Canadian site: https://www.cybertip.ca/app/en/
24 Hour Call service: 1800-THE-LOST (1800-843-5678)Phone: 703-224-2150Note: Once again, anonymous. You’re able to provide approximate date and times of incidents if you have any.

Proshipper: Someone who believes "anything goes" in fiction and therefore depictions of dark/"taboo" content (i.e, abuse, l0lis/sh0tacons), whether positive or negative, are ok in fiction because they believe fiction doesn't affect reality. Also known as an "anti-anti"Anti: There's no set definition because people are "antis" for a lot of things. Ships, characters, kpop related things, etc, but as most people know it it's people against pedophilia. Anyone who defines an anti as a person who "harasses people over ships" is lying (and hypocritical)MAP: Minor attracted person, aka a pedophile. The animation community has asked us to stop using the term MAP as it's used for multi-animator-projects, and people have been harassed over the confusion.NOMAP: Non-offending minor attracted person. Usually, someone who "releases" their urges through simulated child porn. Still a pedophile.SOMAP: Semi-offending minor-attracted person. Again, still a pedophile, and someone you should most definitely report to the proper authorities. (Get an adult to do this, please.)Fanpol: Fandom police. Anyone who uses this term is antiblack.AAM: Adult attracted minor. Please don't go after people with this in their bio, minors having crushes on adults is normal but NOT the other way around. They may or may not be victims of grooming and should be approached with caution.CP: Child porn. People can and have been arrested for possessing or distributing this.SimCP: Simulated child porn. Regardless of the "legality" of it, anyone who defends the consumption or distribution of such things is someone to be avoided.

DISCLAIMER: While the things listed here tend to be indicative of someone being a pro-shipper or similar, this does not guarantee the person is one. Use discretion.

  • This isn't necessarily a pro-ship dogwhistle but I've seen way too many "fiction doesnt affect reality" folk water down racism in fandom spaces as "discourse" or "drama" because according to them, it's just pixels and we should focus on "actual racism"

Words/Phrases to watch out for

  • "purity culture"

  • "harassing others over fiction"

  • "ship what you want"

  • "shipping isn't activism"

  • "focus on real minors"/ "its not a real person" (this is a red flag)

  • "Problematic"/"Problematic Content" in bio

  • Anyone who argues of whether it's legal to create porn of minors or the age of consent is someone to be avoided, whether they call themselves a pro-shipper or not

  • "#HINA"/"#HarassmentIsNotActivism" (honestly this one is a 100% guarantee this person is a proshipper)

  • honestly any derisive talk of "antis" but please check and see if they’re talking about Kpop first

  • someone who refers to themselves as a degenerate

Symbols to watch out for

  • 🧩🥀 or 🧩🛳️ : former-antis

  • 🌈🍖 : Pro-ship (esp in Hannibal fandom)

  • 🐜❌ / 🐜🚫 : Antis DNI (esp in JJBA fandom)

This is a nonexhaustive list, and I'll add to it if needed

General impacts of fiction

Negative Impacts of Fiction. Blanket TW for gore, rape, torture, murder, and abuse

Yes, arguing that fiction doesnt affect reality IS racist.

1) "What's an anti-anti/proshipper?"

(I am going to shamelessly rip this one from @maphatingcharacteroftheday because they explain it better than I can.)An anti anti is someone who believes that positive portrayals of abuse, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, etc etc. can’t be criticized because “fiction doesn’t affect reality” (although there is a lot of evidence to say otherwise).

2) "Why is the term fanpol/fandom police antiblack?"

Comparing people disliking incest to real life forces that disproporunately harm and kill black people is antiblack. It is antiblack to use our oppression as a point of comparison for whatever argument you're getting into. ACAB does not, nor will it ever include "fandom police". It is an antiblack term, period.

3) "Antis harass people!"

Apparently, proshippers have never done this before! Not once has a grown adult stalked literal children for calling their ships gross!Not saying harassments ok at all, but let's not act like the poor proshippers are being oppressed here.Also, I promise you, someone saying "x is a proshipper, please block them if you don't want to see their content" is not harassment. Writing callout posts and videos on underaged "antis", however is most definitely harassment but y'all don't want to hear that. People have the right to know if they are platforming people who go against their personal beliefs and morals. Choosing to hide that from people who would otherwise not want to interact with you for the sake of not wanting to "lose friends" makes you a bad person, and you should feel bad.UPDATE: (2/15 since reposting this link I've been getting curiouscat anons insulting my art and accusing me of spreading hate. But sure, only "antis" harass people.)

4) "I'm a minor and I've noticed some predatory behavior in (insert online space)!"

Get a trusted adult to handle it I cannot stress this enough. It's not safe for minors to be engaging with potential predators, and it's our job as adults to make sure you don't have the same horrible experiences some of us did at your age.

5) "Reporting people for fictional content wastes the FBI's time!"

Refer to the disclaimer.

6) "Antis use the same rhetoric as exclusionists and TERFS!"

What exactly does being against pedophilia have to do with trans (women) exclusionary radical feminism?And what does lgbtq discourse in general have to do with not wanting minors to be sexualized?

6) "Bigots using fiction for propaganda has nothing to do with proshipping!"

Not directly, but the idea that fiction does not affect reality, a core pro-shipping belief is contradicted by the fact that racist propaganda has seeped into internal prejudice against marginalized groups. Whether it be depicting Asian characters as rats, black characters looking too similar to apes/monkeys, the fact that western propaganda leads to people still referring to Native Americans as Indians, etc.And to go off on a tangent, when you write stories and include harmful stereotypes in them, sure, it's just words on a paper, but putting it out into the world for others to consume means that you are continuing to perpetuate those harmful stereotypes. Those stereotypes have real-world effects on actual minorities. This is why they are stereotypes.

7) "Just mute/block instead of harassing others!"

I have nearly 70k people blocked on twitter, and hundreds of words and tags muted, I softblock and mute people who post things I don't want to see. I still see certain things on my timeline, usually because1) It's posted in the main tags of something I'm interested in2) The post isn't even tagged at all3) If someone quote retweets from someone I've blocked, I still see the take on my timeline.

8) "I don't support it in real life!"

CW: talk of sexualizing minors, slight rant

Then why write about it? If for coping purposes, why post it online for others (especially actual predators) to see and consume? Then why portray those things in a positive light instead of condemning them?And you're seriously going to tell me that just because as an adult (1) you want to see a fictional minor (that mind you, is usually designed to resemble an actual child) depicted in sexual situations doesn't mean you don't share that same view concerning children in real life? You find fictional minors attractive but not real ones? Why does the line between finding someone who is (and usually also looks like) a child sexually attractive get drawn at whether the child is real or not? I'm not calling anyone pedophiles, but if the shoe fits...(1) No I am not talking about 18 y/os finding 17 y/os attractive. Use your brain. Creating content of underaged characters is still questionable regardless of age, however.

6) "Antis are cultists/bigots!"

CW: mention of incest

I will only believe this statement if there is proof that does not come from a twitter/tumblr thread that "antis" have the same level of impact of white supremacists, TERFs, and other vile bigots."Antis" do not write laws that prevent you from getting married, getting a job, etc. "Antis" do not go out and physically attack you in the streets for carrying bakudeku merch. "Antis" do not hurl slurs at you passing by. You will not risk being disowned or losing your home for shipping tcest.As for the cult thing, I can say I've never felt "unsafe" or I couldn't escape "anti circles" because most of my friends and mutuals are normal people who want to keep the internet safe for minors and keep them out of spaces they shouldn't be or be exposed to inappropriate content. "Anti culture" may have been a thing on tumblr for a few years but it's for the most part died down. Most of us don't have the time and energy to argue with "salty fandom moms" because some of us have jobs, school and other hobbies to deal with rather than let our beings revolve around fandom.